Run. Write. Live. Life.

Running and writing changed my life.

Interestingly, both were “discovered” not in a happy state but instead were borne out of a time when life felt blue and stuck. I owe a lot to both of them. So much so that I speak of them as beings more so than activities.

You may think, based on the name of this blog, that it’s about specifics of running and writing, and perhaps how to improve your form in both.


This blog is about a journey out of a time in life when you suddenly wake up one day and realize that you are not where you want to be, or doing what you want.

It’s about finding yourself at the bottom of stuck and making the choice not to give up and feel hopeless, but to face the unknown, challenge your tightly held but not-useful-anymore beliefs and decide to work your way out.

It’s about finding the courage to make change, and create a better path to happiness, fulfillment and getting closer to your true self.

Running and writing were the ropes I used to pull myself out. They’ve worked wonders so far, and continue to do so.

You may find something else to be your life rope (yes, there are others). But if you haven’t found something you can hang on to, then this dynamic duo is a great place to start. Pick one or the other, or both.

It is my goal to offer hope and inspiration to anyone who comes this way, and give them a boost.

Join me, because together we can always lift more people up.


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